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“This book is for children and adults. I’m so much in love with this story.” 4.5 of 5 stars. 

Mpur Chan, Reading Wonderland.


“The best book ever. Very funny and I liked the pictures too.”

Jack, grade-school reader.


“I’m going to have to buy another copy of Henry’s Big Star Adventure since Zoey has fallen asleep with it two nights in a row. It’s all bent up and loved on.”

Lori Worley, author & mom.


“I absolutely loved your book Henry’s Big Star Adventure. As my language arts teacher, Mrs. Wiltse, read it to me, I thought to myself, what an imagination this author has. You came up with a bubble blowing bear in a bathrobe named Ray. You also came up with zorkalorks. You also came up with crazy ways to solve problems.”

—Allison, grade-schooler, Columbus, OH.


Henry’s Big Star Adventure is a modern-day Alice in Wonderland meets The Wizard of Oz. With the help of his wise cat, Lion, and newfound friends, Henry embarks on the biggest adventure of his life… growing up, and along the way, he learns the importance of honesty and that heart is truly where the home is.”

CHRISTIAN BURCH, author of The Manny Files and Hit the Road, Manny.


“Henry’s Big Star Adventure is like The Hero’s Journey for kids. It’s as if Joseph Campbell and Roald Dahl joined forces and created a story with heart, wisdom, and the spirit of adventure. I can’t wait to share this magical book with all the little humans in my life.”

TIFFANIE DEBARTOLO, author of God-Shaped Hole and How to Kill a Rock Star.