Henry's Big Star Adventure | Chapter One
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Chapter One

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Henry froze and looked over his shoulder.


The hallway table he’d just run into was still wobbling, but the large snow globe that had been sitting on top wasn’t there. Instead water and bits of fake snow and splinters of glass were oozing down the walls and making puddles on the floor. The nature scene that had been inside—a family of rams climbing a mountain, and geese flying west into a sunset—had shattered too.




“Ah man!” Henry said, pressing his fists into his face. He pulled his fists down his cheeks, giving himself droopy zombie eyes.


His mom’s voice echoed through his head: How many times do I have to tell you not to chase Lion in the house? Don’t run in the house! Stop chasing the cat!  You’re going to break something. Break something. Break something.


“Idiot,” Henry said to himself.


Idiot is rather harsh,” said a voice behind him. “But, you, sir, are in trouble.”


Henry pivoted, causing his red high-tops to squeak on the wood floor, and his mop of hair to flop against his head. There was no one there, only Lion. The cat looked up at Henry with a blank stare, the tuft of hay-yellow fur around her neck framing her face like a sunflower.


Henry squinted, baffled. Being called sir by anyone was strange enough. Sir was for old people. He was just a kid. Regardless, he was completely, absolutely, positively sure a cat should not being calling him sir. Cats could not talk. Or, at least he had been completely, absolutely, positively sure cats could not talk until five seconds ago.


Lion fanned her tail and, spying her favorite toy at the far end of the hallway—a shabby sock full of catnip —began to stalk it as if it were a mouse.


“No way,” Henry muttered. “Cats can’t talk.”


The cat pounced on the sock, batted it with her one white paw and gave chase, causing the pink bell tied under her neck to jingle and jangle.


Henry looked back at the mess on the floor and walls, and realized two things:  one, that he shouldn’t be hanging around the crime scene, and, two, that debating the talking ability of his cat was pointless, because cats couldn’t talk! With that he bolted to his room.



Join Henry on the rest of his adventure.
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